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Drama Queen (Vanessa Petruo song)

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Zeile 4: Zeile 4:
She is so drama<br />
She is so drama, they say, when they pass my way<br />
Even my own mama, She smiles at me, when I go insane,<br />
People like it formal, Breathing in a row, how do they don’t know<br />
For me life´s normal, When others call my life a show<br />
They say im Crazy, Cause today im weak, but tomorrow strong<br />
Don’t say im hazy, Just call my name, I´ll come along<br />
Bridge<br />
Pray for - Some peace on my mind<br />
And love me – I’m one of your kind<br />
So later – I’m storm then I’m breeze<br />
But most time – I’m on my knees<br />
Chorus<br />
Dra-ma-queen<br />
Thats what they say,<br />
When they pass my way, When I lay down to pray<br />
Dra-ma-queen<br />
No in between<br />
Since I’m a teen - Oh I’m such a dramaqueen<br />
I laugh hard and I cry loud<br />
I’m like this since I’m thirteen<br />
Sometimes I’m black, Sometimes I’m white<br />
But never in between<br />
My favorite passion, I mesmerize, then break some hearts<br />
Like fading fashion, I change my tricks, play my cards but<br />
When I lose my last ace, He feels for her, cause she’s so nice<br />
What a slap in my face, A dramaqueen´s not what he likes<br />
Bridge<br />
Chorus<br />
I pray for peace on my mind - Don’t wanna be blind<br />
Don’t wanna regret being one of this kind<br />
Sometimes I’m like storm - And sometimes a breeze<br />
But most of the time, I’m on my knees<br />
Chorus<br />
Everyday a new surprise<br />
Why not changing point of view<br />
A bad girl can be so nice<br />
And always feel its true<br />
And if you don’t like drama, go back to your mama<br />
[[Datei:Vany Dramaqueen|thumb|left|300px]]
[[Datei:Vany Dramaqueen|thumb|left|300px]]
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